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VeeFriends is a utility and access-based NFT community that encourages business between friends through different levels of access to information and activities with Gary Vee and other token holders included in the smart contracts attached with VeeFriends tokens.


They are made of 10,255 tokens with variations of 268 unique characters. Launched on 5th May 2021, these tokens are divided into three categories: Admission (9,400), Gift Goat (555), and Access (300). These tokens are released every day, and every inaugural VeeFriends token is released to the public via a Dutch auction.

To promote their sense of community, the 300 Access tokens give virtual access to the founder as well as in-person meeting opportunities. In addition to this, every token is valid as a 3-year access pass to VeeCon, an annual conference, focused on business. To contribute to the community, they donate to charities and DAOs.