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NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot takes the traditional trading cards into the digital marketplace. Launched in October 2020, it is an NFT marketplace allowing fans to buy, sell, and trade numbered versions of specific, officially licensed video highlights of the NBA (also known as “Moments”). These Moments not only contain the video highlights, but also the details of the game, players’ box scores, and their season averages.


These Moments are bought in a pack, with varying prices depending upon the quality of highlight, the stardom level of the player, and the exclusiveness of the card. Each of these qualities adds up to the Collector Score of your Moments. Collector Score gives every Moment and Pack specific utility and strategy, rewarding collectors of all levels with perks for growing their collection however they see fit. The most active members with the most scores get exclusive access to the next Pack drops, in turn incentivizing new members to increase their collection and score.


NBA Top Shot is a joint venture between the NBA players association and Dapper Labs (CryptoKitties developer). They have established their own marketplace (the official NBA Top Shot Marketplace for all sales and trades) available on their website. The transactions in the marketplace are on a self-developed blockchain (Dapper on Flow) with a custodial wallet with the ability to allow purchases with fiat currency via credit cards (USD) and cryptocurrency (ETH, BTC, BCH, USDC & DAI) via your existing wallets.


Purchasers are given verified ownership of the URL that links to a site where the NBA highlight is located. This means that the owner only has the link to the NBA highlight portrayed in the NFT, but not the copyright to the highlight. Thus, purchasers cannot modify, alter, or commercialize these for their benefit but can only buy, hold or sell them. The true owner of these highlights is still the NBA.


Regardless of these restrictions, their popularity and high sales of their NFTs are from their limited supply and high demand.