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How To Put Funds Into Your Wallet 

Once you have created a Metamask wallet, you can add funds in it.

You can do this through three steps – 

Step 1: Connect your Bank to your Wallet

This helps in converting Fiat currency (like USD) from banks to cryptocurrency (ETH). You can do this by clicking the “buy” button in your wallet.

Step 2: Exchange your money to your choice of cryptocurrency

Metamask will then list different cryptocurrency options that you can purchase through common payment types (e.g. bank transfers with Transak, Wyre, and Apple Pay).

Step 3: Send it to your Metamask wallet

This deposits the cryptocurrency directly in the wallet used during transactions. If you have another Metamask wallet, you can also transfer your cryptocurrencies to the Metamask wallet. For this, you will need to copy your wallet address in Metamask and paste it into the corresponding field in the other wallet.