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Cool Cats

Cool Cats are a collection of 10,000 randomly generated cats with over 300k variations in the composition of their body, hat, face, and outfit. The first generation was launched on July 1st, 2021. The uniqueness and rarity of each cat is based on Cool Points which range between 3 and 10. Points are attributed according to the rarity of the cat’s traits. The more points a Cat has, the rarer it is. They plan to incorporate breeding into the second-generation Cool Cats.

They are a community-based NFT with raffles and giveaways of the ETH that they have collected. They conduct inter-community competitions like drawings, memes, and puzzles, whose winners become eligible to receive an NFT. They do this to increase community interaction and integrate the community into the decision-making process by voting for specifics in future developments like breeding, next-generation Cool Cats, an app, and more.


They also do an Artist spotlight collab during which they highlight their favorite and upcoming NFT projects. They have completed their first volume of artist spotlight with CFW, SuperNFTY, SKULLX, Yuwa23, and Pixelhans. They also plan to build a Cool Cat ecosystem in collaboration with well-known brands such as TIME magazine to increase the interactivity & utility of the NFTs.