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About Us

The NFT Encyclopedia is built by wellyou, led by Adam and Amelia, with a mission to give people the knowledge and tools to become happier, healthier, and more compassionate human beings.  How did we get into NFTs? 


While working on our mission, we always had an idea to start a global happiness movement. To create the nation that everyone would want to be part of! That goal, however, required resources and knowledge that we did not have at that time. Fast forward to the summer of 2021, researchers from a prominent university approached us with the idea of co-creating a specialized program for children who suffer from domestic violence. We felt drawn to this cause and the prospect of making a positive impact in people’s lives. Although we had different plans when global lockdown hit us, we realized that we needed to put everything on hold. Around the same time, we talked to our good friend, and financial mentor, Abhilash, about our dream to create such a nation and contribute to a good social cause. Abhilash told us about the NFT space and explained that we could help bring our nation to life by creating our own NFTs. After careful consideration we began our NFT project, where we are building the Happy Nation! What is the Happy Nation, you ask? Well, it’s a place where you do good to yourself and others. Here, you can meet your new best friend, take care of your wellbeing, and participate in exciting community activities, exclusive groups, creative challenges, and fun games. You can learn more about it by visiting our HappyNationNFT website.


When we started our journey in the NFT space, we spent hours and hours on Twitter and Discord to learn how to understand this world. Therefore, we decided to share all the knowledge we have gathered on our encyclopedia so that other newbies can get familiar with the space. The NFT Encyclopedia is a tool made for people trying to navigate through the NFT space. We see it as a community-driven platform where new artists, collectors, and newcomers can learn about the most used NFT abbreviations, expressions, FAQs, and influencers.